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Feb 13, 2024

Dear HR Professionals,

In today’s newsletter, we will be discussing some of the trending topics in human resource management and how they can be strategic and effective for organizations. From the emergence of new viral trends like ‘Get Laid Off With Me’ to the impact of DEI culture on job choices, there are several key themes that HR professionals should pay attention to.

One of the emerging trends in HR management is the ‘Get Laid Off With Me’ videos that are going viral on social media platforms like TikTok. This trend has raised important HR layoff lessons, highlighting the need for organizations to handle layoffs with empathy and transparency to avoid negative PR and potential legal implications. HR professionals should take note and ensure that their organization’s layoff processes are handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

Another important theme is the impact of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) culture on job choices for accountants, as revealed by a recent survey. The survey found that DEI culture, along with hybrid work, mental health, and higher salaries, plays a strong role in talent attraction and retention in 2024. This highlights the strategic importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture to attract and retain top talent, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success.

Additionally, the need for employers to deliver noncompete disclosures to California workers by a specific deadline has legal implications that HR professionals need to be aware of. Two state laws have taken effect this year that void noncompetes for California workers, emphasizing the importance of staying updated on employment laws and compliance requirements to mitigate legal risks for the organization.

In conclusion, staying informed and proactive about these emerging trends and legal requirements is critical for HR professionals to effectively manage their organization’s human resources. By addressing the lessons from the ‘Get Laid Off With Me’ trend, prioritizing DEI culture, and ensuring compliance with employment laws, HR professionals can contribute to creating a positive and inclusive workplace environment while minimizing legal risks.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you find this newsletter insightful and valuable for your HR management practices.


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Themes from the Content:

| Theme | Description |


| ‘Get Laid Off With Me’ Trend | Viral trend highlighting HR layoff lessons, emphasizing the need for empathy and transparency in the layoff process. |

| Impact of DEI Culture on Job Choices | DEI culture, along with other factors, plays a strong role in talent attraction and retention, emphasizing the strategic importance of diversity and inclusion. |

| Legal Implications of Noncompete Disclosures in California | Employers must deliver noncompete disclosures to California workers, highlighting the need for compliance with specific state laws. |


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2. Title: Anti-Zionist professor suffered discrimination for his protected ‘philosophical belief’, tribunal rules – what does it mean for employers?


3. Title: College athletes could form union | California noncompete disclosures due Wednesdays


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