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    Cybersecurity does not need to be prohibitive.  Yet it is necessary. 

    Find out how you can have wholesome cybersecurity, delivered.

    As a start, consider these 3 areas in your organsiation:

    Are your staff vigilant?
    Are your computers secured?
    Are your servers protected?

    Our Featured Services

    User Vigilance
    INTEL Reporting
    Vulnerability Scanning
    Website Protection
    Patching Tech
    Secured Apps
    User Vigilance

    Phish your own users before the hackers do!
    How do you know whether your users have heard and understood all those user awareness sessions ?  Test them and test them regularly!  Come see how to get assurance on how vigilant your users really are and really improve them using our KnowBe4 advance platform.

    INTEL Reporting

    Hackers already know a lot about you, do you ?

    Whether you know it or not, your company is already leaving digital trace on the Internet: email accounts that are compromised, company websites that are hacked, confidential information that are leaked.  Hackers use these information to plan their attacks and phishing campaigns against your company.  Find out what they know about you.

    Vulnerability Scanning

    Are your servers well maintained?

    Are your servers up to date on the patches or they are misconfigured by your vendors?  We provide cost-effective security scanning services to regularly scan your servers so that you know. 

    Website Protection

    Are your websites protected?

    Do you know that there are automated attack bots prowling on the internet to take over websites ?  They then use the websites to infect your customers when they come to view to build their botnets.  Talk to us on how you can protect your websites.

    Patching Tech

    Come find out how Patching is so easy with us

    Let us show you how to do this easily for your computers and servers and give you up to date reports on what is done and what is missing!

    Secured Apps

    Applications with security baked-in

    The best security is invisible.  We have enterprise Constituent Management System (CIVICRM) and Resource Booking System that has security baked in so that you do no need to worry about their security.  Talk to us if you like to manage your constituents or manage your facilities and resources.
    Who is Cloudsquire?

    Cloudsquire Pte Ltd is a Singapore cybersecurity company incorporated to provide sensible and wholesome cybersecurity solutions and consultancy. Our consultants and partners are experienced security practitioners who are motivated to provide independent advisory on cybersecurity as well as solutions.

    We are excited by the advent of the technologies and entrepreneurship particularly in Singapore. So if you have a good idea and would like to get together to explore collaboration, give us a holler!

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