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Jun 10, 2024

Dear HR Professionals,

In this edition of our HR newsletter, we will explore some of the latest trends and insights in human resource management. From the state of AI adoption to the power of sacrifice, we’ll delve into the themes that are shaping the future of HR and how they can be strategically leveraged for organizational success.

The State of AI adoption has been a hot topic in HR, with McKinsey providing an interesting snapshot on the rate of AI adoption, segmented mainly by function. This report highlights the efficiency gains in HR and the immediate impact of AI adoption. As AI continues to play a significant role in HR processes, it’s essential for organizations to understand its potential and harness it strategically to improve HR functions.

Skill-Based Hiring is another crucial theme, with a report outlining the adoption of Skill-Based Hiring from the vendor side, showing growth in most assessment types. Understanding the implications of skill-based hiring, especially in cognitive ability assessments, is vital for organizations to make informed decisions on talent acquisition and development.

Succession planning and the recruitment of a replacement for a retiring CEO is a critical aspect of talent management, and it’s essential to consider a structured approach to succession planning. This includes defining requirements before conducting internal or external searches, which can lead to better hiring decisions and organizational stability.

In addition to these themes, we cannot overlook the importance of resilience and sacrifice in the workplace, as highlighted in the article “Granted: Why a company is not a family—and beliefs about generations are (mostly) stereotypes” by Adam Grant. Understanding the power of resilience and the impact of generational stereotypes can shape HR strategies and organizational culture.

As HR professionals, it’s crucial to stay informed about these trending themes and leverage them strategically to drive organizational success. Whether it’s embracing AI adoption, implementing skill-based hiring practices, or redefining succession planning, these themes provide valuable insights for HR professionals to enhance their strategic approach to human resource management.


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Theme Description
State of AI adoption Understanding the impact and efficiency gains of AI adoption in HR processes
Skill-Based Hiring Leveraging skill-based hiring practices for talent acquisition and development
Succession Planning Implementing a structured approach to succession planning for better hiring decisions and stability

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