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Jun 02, 2024

Dear HR Professionals,

In this week’s HR newsletter, we have gathered some insightful information on the latest trends and challenges in human resource management. The three main themes we will be discussing are: 1) Manager feedback and coaching, 2) Diversity and inclusion, and 3) Compliance and legal issues.

According to a Gallup report, managers are receiving little feedback on their performance, with the lowest-rated behavior being the “coaching habit.” This finding underscores the importance of providing effective coaching and feedback to managers, as it is directly linked to employee engagement. HR professionals can strategize by implementing regular feedback sessions, coaching training programs, and performance management systems to address this issue and improve overall employee engagement.

Diversity and inclusion continue to be a crucial focus for HR management. The EEOC is reminding employers that the ADA doesn’t require candidates to disclose disabilities in interviews, and the agency is suing 15 employers for failing to file EEO-1 Component 1 data. This highlights the importance of creating inclusive hiring practices and ensuring compliance with EEOC regulations. HR professionals can take a strategic approach by implementing diversity training, establishing inclusive recruitment practices, and conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with EEOC reporting requirements.

On the compliance and legal front, an employer was found to have requested white candidates in a job ad, leading to a nearly $40K settlement. Additionally, the EEOC sued an employer for firing a new hire who failed to disclose a disability before starting work. These cases emphasize the need for HR professionals to stay updated on employment laws and regulations. It is crucial to conduct regular reviews of job postings, provide training on anti-discrimination policies, and ensure that hiring processes are in compliance with ADA regulations.

As HR professionals, it is essential to stay informed about these trends and challenges in human resource management to effectively address them within our organizations. By focusing on manager feedback and coaching, diversity and inclusion, and compliance and legal issues, HR professionals can contribute to creating a more engaged, diverse, and compliant workforce.

Thank you for your commitment to staying informed and proactive in the field of human resource management.


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Themes from the Content:

Theme Summary
Manager Feedback and Coaching Managers are receiving little feedback on their performance, highlighting the importance of effective coaching and feedback to improve employee engagement.
Diversity and Inclusion The EEOC is reminding employers about ADA requirements and suing companies for failing to file EEO-1 Component 1 data, emphasizing the need for inclusive hiring practices and compliance.
Compliance and Legal Issues Cases of discriminatory job ads and ADA violations highlight the importance of staying updated on employment laws and regulations, and conducting regular compliance reviews.

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