Healthcare Knuggets

Apr 10, 2024

Hey there! I’ve got some exciting healthcare news to share with you today. First off, there’s hope for an early detection test for pancreatic cancer. A new blood test has shown promise in detecting pancreatic cancer at stages 1 or 2 with a sensitivity of over 90%. This could be a game-changer in improving survival rates for this challenging cancer.

In other news, a device designed to ease angina has shown unexpected success in a recent trial, despite not working in the way researchers initially expected. This could lead to new insights into how to treat chest pain caused by heart disease.

On the topic of healthcare access, it’s been found that changes to Medicaid have cost community health centers an average of $600,000, leading to a loss of almost one-quarter of their Medicaid patients. This highlights the ongoing challenges in ensuring access to healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.

Moving on to personal stories, a woman living with lupus has found her own way to advocate for patients with the condition, creating a space where patients and their caregivers can find community and credible health information. It’s inspiring to see individuals taking charge of their health and supporting others in the process.

And finally, a study has pinpointed biomarkers in people with long Covid who were hospitalized, shedding light on the need to consider subphenotypes in managing patients with long Covid. This could lead to more targeted and effective treatment for those experiencing persistent symptoms after recovering from Covid-19.

That’s all for today’s healthcare news! Remember, staying informed and proactive about your health is key to living your best life. Take care and stay healthy!


Stay Well!