Healthcare Knuggets

Mar 01, 2024

I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates with you today! First off, researchers have made a fascinating discovery about the origins of animal species, proposing a new ‘trochaea’ theory that has had a significant impact on the field of biology. In addition, marine biologists have found over 100 new species living on seamounts off the coast of Chile, including some incredible creatures like the sea toad of the genus Chaunacops. Plus, astronomer Steve Croft is exploring how to spot signs of extraterrestrial technology, which could lead to groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy.

On another note, the 12-millimetre-long Danionella cerebrum has been found to make a sound as loud as a gunshot, shedding light on the unique sound production apparatus of this tiny fish. I hope you find these news updates as fascinating as I do. Feel free to send me your feedback about this newsletter at Thanks for reading!



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