Healthcare Knuggets

Feb 18, 2024

Hey there! I have some exciting healthcare news to share with you. First off, I want to talk about Oak Street Health’s impressive growth trajectory. From being a startup to a public company and now a vertically integrated asset at CVS, their expansion is truly remarkable. With CVS investing in their clinics, we can expect to see over 300 of them by 2026, with the potential for significant profitability.

Next, I came across a powerful story from a physician who experienced a traumatic spinal cord injury and went on to rebuild their nervous system. It’s a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, and it’s truly inspiring.

I also learned about the importance of enhancing our digital footprint in the evolving healthcare landscape. A strong digital presence, especially in the realm of AI, is becoming increasingly vital for healthcare professionals.

In addition, Happiful magazine’s latest issue is all about relaxation and self-care, with 100 ways to relax and a focus on the trend of ‘biophilic design’ in architecture and city planning. It’s all about prioritizing rest and finding moments of peace in our busy lives.

Lastly, I came across an interesting article discussing the health of presidents from Reagan to Trump and Biden, and how a new drug for frostbite came to be. It’s fascinating to see the advancements in healthcare and how they impact even the highest levels of government.

I hope you found these healthcare updates as fascinating as I did. Stay tuned for more uplifting and insightful news in the world of healthcare. Take care and have a great day!

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