Healthcare Knuggets

Jan 05, 2024

Hey there,

I wanted to share some exciting healthcare news with you. First up, the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is happening, and there’s a lot to look forward to. The STAT team will be bringing us updates from the worlds of pharma, biotech, and healthcare, so we can stay connected and informed.

In other news, there’s a growing focus on caring for caregivers after transplant patients come home. The roles and responsibilities of caregivers go beyond what we may initially think, and efforts are being made to provide ongoing support and training beyond the first year post-transplant.

On the mental health front, researchers are exploring the connection between online racial discrimination and suicidal thinking among Black adolescents. This study highlights the need for creating safer online spaces, especially for vulnerable populations.

In global health, a smartphone tool called TBscreen is showing promise for detecting TB through cough recordings. This could be a game-changer for diagnosing TB in areas where traditional tests may not be readily available.

And lastly, there’s a focus on addressing the vulnerabilities of medical devices in healthcare facilities. With growing cybersecurity threats, it’s important for health systems to pay attention to potential vulnerabilities in medical devices, such as MRIs, ventilators, and pacemakers.

Overall, it’s an exciting time in healthcare with advancements in various areas. Stay connected with us to keep up with all the latest developments.


Stay Well!