Healthcare Knuggets

Jul 02, 2024

Hey there, healthcare enthusiasts! I’ve got some exciting updates for you. In issue 88 of Happiful magazine, there are some fascinating, informative, and empowering features to look forward to, including tips for creating a more open mind, understanding gaslighting, and learning how to let go of anxiety around ageing. Plus, there’s a new ‘For Your Eyes Only’ journal, designed to be your personal safe space for self-discovery, available for subscribers.

In other news, courts are becoming a significant player in shaping health policy, with judges potentially getting the final say on Medicare payment rates, drug and device regulation, and public health emergencies. Additionally, the FDA is wielding new powers over cosmetic products, aiming to bring more transparency to the industry.

There’s also good news for cancer patients, as supplies of the widely used chemotherapy drug cisplatin now exceed demand, ending a national shortage that had impacted cancer care. And for older adults, a recent study found that heavy resistance training may have long-term benefits in preserving leg muscle function.

Lastly, there’s a glimpse into the true nature of the Milky Way, the development of combined COVID-flu vaccines, and the use of AI to identify researchers with untapped innovation potential. Exciting times in the world of healthcare and science!

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember to prioritize your health and well-being. Wishing you all a fantastic and healthy day!


Stay Well!