Healthcare Knuggets

Jul 01, 2024

Hey there! This week, a new study has raised concerns about the potential health risks of turmeric and black pepper supplements. The study found a link between these supplements and liver injury, with some patients experiencing serious consequences. It’s important to note that the risk seems to be associated with supplement use, not with turmeric used as a spice in cooking. So, if you’re taking a turmeric supplement, especially one boosted with black pepper, it might be wise to discuss the potential risks with your doctor. While turmeric may have health benefits, this study reminds us of the importance of approaching any supplement with due caution.

In other news, a detailed study suggests that the keto diet is good for the brain, and drinking coffee has been linked to a reduced risk of a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, researchers have found microplastics in penile tissue for the first time, sparking concerns about their potential effects on male fertility. On a positive note, a new study in mice suggests that combining flavonoid with vitamin B6 may help preserve cognitive function.

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