Healthcare Knuggets

May 19, 2024

Hey there!

I just read some fascinating news about cognitive reserve and how it can help us stay mentally sharp as we age. Cognitive reserve is our brain’s ability to find alternate ways of doing things, and it can actually help fight the brain changes associated with dementia and other brain diseases. It’s developed through a lifetime of education and curiosity, and there are ways we can boost our own cognitive reserve, such as challenging our brains and making lifestyle changes.

In other news, a new weight loss pill called amycretin has shown promising results in a phase 1 clinical trial. This oral drug is said to be more effective than semaglutide at triggering weight loss, which is very exciting for those looking for new options in the fight against obesity.

And finally, there’s a special health report from Harvard Medical School that focuses on improving balance to prevent falls. It provides exercises and workouts that can help increase stability, confidence, and self-reliance, which is so important for maintaining independence and long-term health.

I hope you find this news as interesting as I did! Stay healthy and take care of yourself.


Stay Well!