Healthcare Knuggets

May 12, 2024

Hey there, healthcare enthusiasts! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. First off, Medicare Advantage is gaining popularity among beneficiaries for its affordable, high-quality care. In fact, it’s estimated that beneficiaries are seeing an average of $2,400 in savings annually and are utilizing preventive care services at higher rates. This is great news for our seniors and it’s wonderful to see them taking advantage of cost protections offered by Medicare Advantage.

On another note, there has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses among seniors, with a 40% rise nationally from 2019 to 2023. While this may reflect the anxiety and stress of the pandemic era, it’s also a positive indication of reduced stigma in seeking care and increased access via telehealth. It’s important to continue destigmatizing mental health and ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need.

Additionally, California is taking a proactive approach to limit annual growth in healthcare spending to 3% by 2029. This move aims to ensure that healthcare remains affordable and accessible for all, and it’s inspiring to see states taking steps to address healthcare costs.

In other news, there have been some developments in the healthcare industry related to bird flu testing in dairy cattle, skepticism about clinical trials for the first psychedelic drug seeking FDA approval as a mental health treatment, and the global increase in measles cases. It’s important to stay informed about these developments and continue advocating for public health initiatives.

Lastly, a recent study has identified 7 food additive emulsifiers found in common, mass-produced foods that are linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. This serves as a reminder to be mindful of the ingredients in the foods we consume and to prioritize a healthy, balanced diet.

That’s all for today’s healthcare news roundup! Stay informed, stay positive, and keep advocating for better health for all. Until next time!


Stay Well!