Finance Knuggets

Apr 04, 2024

Today, I heard that foreign banks in Korea saw a 6% increase in earnings due to higher securities income, while South Korean banks’ bad loans climbed by 0.47% in December. The pet insurance market is expected to surge by 31% in CAGR by 2027, with significant growth anticipated in the dog segment. I also learned about differentiating between Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds, as well as insights into alternative investments and personal finance.

In the startup world, several companies raised significant funding, including HD, Quadratic, Scriptology, and Lil Snack. Private equity deals included Accel-KKR acquiring a majority stake in Aico Group, Blue Owl Capital buying Kuvare Asset Management, and Brera Partners acquiring a stake in Italian insurance broker GBSAPRI Group. There were also public offerings and SPAC activities, with Cerebras Systems and Loar making moves in the IPO space, and Tembo agreeing to merge with Cactus Acquisition 1 in the SPAC space.

Fundraising and personnel changes were also making headlines, with Adenia Partners raising $470m for its fifth fund, G2 Venture Partners welcoming new team members, and key personnel changes at JDRF T1D Fund and One Rock Capital Partners. Additionally, there were updates on a class action lawsuit against UWM, Blue Owl Capital’s acquisition of Kuvare Asset Management, Silver Lake’s agreement to take private Endeavor Group Holdings, and regulatory decisions impacting the banking and housing markets. These developments reflect ongoing trends in the financial sector, such as private-equity firms investing in various industries, the impact of regulatory decisions on banking practices, and the challenges and opportunities in the housing market.

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