Finance Knuggets

Jan 08, 2024

I recently came across some interesting news in the investing world. The Financial Horse newsletter discussed the successful evacuation of passengers and crew from a Japan Airlines plane that collided with a coast guard plane. It also mentioned the increase in demand for 6-month T-Bills, with yields rising to 3.74%. Additionally, the newsletter covered topics such as generating dividend/investment income as a retiring Singapore investor and mistakes to avoid in the journey to becoming a millionaire.

In addition to the Financial Horse newsletter, I read an article from Kiplinger that emphasized the importance of equal inheritance for all children and the potential cost savings of using electric versus gas heat. The newsletter also highlighted the new USPS address change policy, which includes enhanced security protocols for identity verification. It provided advice on achieving financial stability through small steps and setting specific, manageable goals. Lastly, it featured sponsored content from Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and offered information on corporate earnings and the best cash back credit cards for January 2024.

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