Finance Knuggets

Apr 01, 2024

I recently came across some interesting financial news. Shopee shares have seen a significant 50% increase since the beginning of the year, raising questions about whether to buy more Sea Ltd stock or take profits. There’s also news about the introduction of a next-generation ERP system for vehicles in Singapore starting in May, with the potential for existing motorcycle owners to be equipped with the new system. Additionally, an article discusses the dividend yield of UOB Bank compared to other local banks, suggesting investors may want to explore alternatives for higher dividend yields.

In another article, the focus is on the impact of having the right partner on one’s financial journey, with insights into the secrets of millionaire couples. There’s also news about the rise in 6-month T-Bills yields to 3.80% and the record-high demand for T-Bills. Additionally, I came across some insights on great jobs for retirees, financial red flags in relationships, and the definition of being “rich” in today’s financial landscape. The articles also provide tips and tricks for using credit cards effectively, information on the best states for middle-class families looking to minimize taxes, and a discussion of common myths about retirement planning and the importance of reliable financial advice.

Overall, these articles offer valuable insights into various aspects of personal finance and investing, as well as thought-provoking perspectives on current financial trends and opportunities.

Stay Well!