Finance Knuggets

Mar 27, 2024

I recently came across some valuable financial insights from various newsletters. One of them covered topics such as retirement planning, stock market bubbles, economic signals for 2024, personal finance podcasts, estate planning, banking, and funding for investment. It also provided advice on discussing estate planning with family and finding the best CD rates.

Another newsletter discussed the potential of bitcoin in investment portfolios and its relationship to traditional asset allocation strategies. It provided insights on how high bitcoin would need to climb to make sense in a 60/40 portfolio, according to Citis.

In addition, I received information about drug debacles, funding for faxes, and venture capital deals from another newsletter. It detailed the Supreme Court hearing a challenge to the FDA’s approval of a medicine used to induce abortions, as well as venture capital and private equity transactions.

I also received an email discussing the importance of calculating SaaS metrics for business and benchmarking performance. The email mentioned a partnership for an annual SaaS metrics benchmarks survey, aiming to provide meaningful benchmarks for businesses based on their firmographics. It also offered participants free access to a SaaS metrics dashboard.

Lastly, I came across insights on global markets and finance news. The email promoted a subscription for unlimited access to a financial news platform, as well as subscriber-only content, newsletters, live radio, podcasts, narrated articles, and streaming of Bloomberg TV.

Overall, these newsletters provided a wide range of financial insights and advice, catering to various aspects of personal finance, investment, and market trends.

Stay Well!