Finance Knuggets

Mar 13, 2024

I recently came across some interesting financial news from various sources. Kiplinger’s top story focused on strategies to pay for long-term care costs, as well as seven big IRS changes to know before filing taxes. MarketWatch reported on the Federal Reserve’s approach to letting the economy and job growth run hot, while Axios Pro Rata discussed the federal inter-agency committee CFIUS and its evaluation of national security risks of foreign investments in the U.S.

In addition to these, there were some notable personnel moves in the financial industry. Brent Shepherd joined Houlihan Lokey as a managing director, Riccardo Villa became the head of strategic capital advisory at Rede Partners, and TheVentureCity promoted Álvaro Sanz Sieteiglesias to partner. There was also some concerning news about Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.’s internal probe and review by the Justice Department, as well as a trend of technology start-ups slashing equity packages for new hires.

Another interesting story revolved around historical data on factors in the stock market and how they can change over time. The story highlighted the significance of accurate and reliable historical data on factors in the stock market, citing changes in the numbers related to the value investment strategy. Additionally, there was a case of two ranch owners being sentenced for tampering with rain gauges to fraudulently inflate insurance claims, shedding light on the exploitation of crop insurance. These stories provided valuable insights into various financial and economic topics.

Stay Well!