Finance Knuggets

Mar 03, 2024

I recently received an email with news focusing on the best cash cows to buy right now, which are companies with a 20% or greater free cash flow margin. The Kiplinger Readers’ Choice Awards 2024 was also highlighted, allowing readers to vote for the best personal finance products and services. Additionally, there were updates on the IRS quietly changing the rules on children’s inheritance and three Social Security changes in 2024. The email also discussed the 2025 Great Tax Sunset and the best compounding interest investments for retirement.

In another email, the news was about venture capitalists seeking their own AI investment strategies. It discussed the strategies of various top VCs in investing in AI, as well as insights from Yahoo CEO Jim Lanzone on the company’s M&A; strategy and the potential for an IPO in the future. The email also included links to articles on funding frenzy at Anthropic, Yahoo’s renaissance, and humanoid robots drawing millions from investors.

Overall, the emails provided insights into investment opportunities, personal finance products and services, as well as strategies and trends in the AI and technology sectors.

Stay Well!