Finance Knuggets

Feb 26, 2024

I recently heard about the upcoming 6-month T-Bills auction on 29 Feb, which has sparked discussions about the potential movement of interest rates. After T-Bills yields dropped to 3.54% from a high of 4.07% a few months ago, there is uncertainty about whether rates will break 4.0% or drop again. The auction saw T-Bills recover to 3.66%, but with lower demand and higher supply. There are also talks about whether to invest in Money Market Funds or Fixed Deposits instead of T-Bills. In other news, there has been an increase in fires involving active mobility devices (AMDs) in 2023 compared to 2022, as reported by the SCDF.

On the topic of retirement planning, there was an announcement about the closure of the CPF Special Account at age 55, leading to discussions about its impact on Singapore investors in retirement and the possibility of investing to replace CPF-SA. Additionally, an article highlighted the top 10 worst ways to save money, emphasizing the importance of being mindful of cost-cutting measures.

In the SaaS industry, there is a discussion about the proper SaaS P&L setup and how to calculate margins and metrics. Various webinars and events are addressing topics such as customer success team coding on the P&L, scaling bottlenecks, and subscription management. Lastly, there was an update on using an estate plan to save taxes through the setup of an upstream basis trust and granting a general power of appointment to an older family member.

Stay Well!