Finance Knuggets

Feb 12, 2024

I recently came across some news about upcoming SaaS events, including the SaaS Open in March and SaaStock USA in May. Both events are offering registration discount codes for attendees. Additionally, there was mention of a major update to the SaaS forecast model and an offer for an automated revenue recognition, MRR, and ARR solution. The newsletter also highlighted quick links related to overall gross profit margins, common mistakes when SaaSifying accounting, and upcoming live SaaS events.

In other news, I learned about the upcoming 6-month T-Bills auction on 15 Feb and the speculation around whether interest rates will cross 4.0% or fall again. There was also a discussion about the top 3 REITs to buy in 2024 and Feng Shui tips for wealth.

Furthermore, I came across information about the Super Bowl Indicator and its potential impact on share prices, as well as an upcoming sports streaming deal between ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. The newsletter also mentioned uranium ETFs and a new 2% cross-currency guest fee from Airbnb. Additionally, there was a discussion about the highest-paying jobs in various cities and whether to convert an IRA to a Roth after age 60.

Stay Well!