Finance Knuggets

Feb 04, 2024

I just learned that American wages have been rising faster than previously estimated, indicating that Americans may have been saving more than previously thought. This suggests that household balance sheets are stronger than expected. The Federal Reserve had anticipated a gradual slowdown in wage growth, but the revised data now suggests that the process could take longer than expected, with wage growth still running at about 5% a year.

In other news, private equity firm Cordillera has raised $62 million for a fund dedicated to buying and aging whiskey barrels. The firm invests in niche, non-correlated assets and has ventured into the whiskey market due to the steep aging curve caused by the bourbon boom. However, there are concerns about the potential slowing of demand growth and the risk of supply side worries in the future.

Overall, the data indicates a positive trend in wage growth for Americans, while the investment in whiskey barrels presents an interesting development in the private equity market.

Stay Well!