Finance Knuggets

Jul 08, 2024

I’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in finance, and it seems that fixed deposit rates in Singapore are currently yielding 3.80%. With anticipated interest rate cuts, there’s a trend of bank fixed deposit rates trending down. People are looking for high-yield options for their cash, with T-Bills, Singapore Savings Bonds, and Money Market Funds being considered.

There’s also been talk about proposed enhanced anti-money laundering laws, with government agencies looking to share more data with each other. A new player in the finance industry, Chocolate Finance, is offering a 4.2% yield on $20,000 cash, sparking discussions about its competitiveness compared to T-Bills and Fixed Deposits.

In addition, there’s been a focus on REITs, with discussions on how to invest $100,000 in REITs in 2024 and whether they are still a good investment. The 6-month T-Bills yields have dropped to 3.70%, leading to increased demand for T-Bills. Additionally, there’s been a discussion on the top 5 savings tips to grow your nest egg fast, emphasizing the importance of ramping up savings in the face of economic uncertainty.

In the realm of personal finance, there’s been a discussion on the importance of taking a mid-year review of health insurance coverage and organizing financial paperwork for heirs. Strategies on how to pay less taxes to Uncle Sam have also been shared, focusing on tax-efficient strategies that can benefit retirees and their heirs. These updates provide valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of finance and investment.

Stay Well!