Finance Knuggets

Jul 05, 2024

Today’s news covers a variety of financial topics, including timeless financial wisdom from America’s Founding Fathers. The article highlights 12 pieces of money-management advice that remain relevant today, from figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Additionally, there is a discussion on boosting Social Security benefits by delaying retirement, as well as advice on selecting the right financial advisor to avoid potential stress.

The news also mentions the latest stock pick of Roaring Kitty, who sparked a massive short squeeze in GameStop stock in 2021. This time, he has set his sights on Chewy, igniting another round of meme stock mania. Furthermore, the article provides guidance on how to decide where to put idle cash, recommending consideration of the rate of return, security, and liquidity of options.

The news also touches upon the benefits of owning a pet for older adults, stating that it can help people age better and keep their minds sharp. Additionally, it informs readers about the closure of banks and the stock market on the Fourth of July, and also offers advice on getting the most out of retirement savings.

Lastly, the article provides an overview of Kiplinger’s trusted financial advice and publications, serving as a resource for unbiased financial advice, economic forecasts, and practical help for millions of professionals, investors, and individuals seeking to make profitable decisions with their money.

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