Finance Knuggets

Jan 16, 2024

I recently learned about a potential geoeconomic game-changer happening across the Malaysia-Singapore border. Both countries have signed a memorandum of understanding to work on the creation of a new special economic zone in the southern Malaysian state of Johor. This collaboration could have significant geoeconomic impact, particularly in specific sectors. Additionally, there are other developments in the region, including ASEAN’s 2024 Myanmar focus, a crime uptick in Asian waters, shifting investment screening landscape, evolving 5G network dynamics, and more.

There is also information about the best cities for renters in 2024, along with strong buy stocks for a stock picker’s market. Additionally, there is insight on the inflation outlook and how a backdoor Roth IRA works, including its drawbacks. The email also includes information about corporate earnings for the week and career-related articles.

Furthermore, there is an enrollment offer for a SaaS Metrics Foundation Live course and mentorship, which promises to unlock the potential of a SaaS business by learning a specific financial framework. The course is designed to elevate skills and transform businesses, with offerings such as custom SaaS metrics dashboard app, SaaS metrics benchmarks, templates bundle, pitch deck templates, lesson cheat sheets, and live recordings from past cohorts. The early bird offer for enrollment expires soon, and the course is said to offer lifetime access to videos, templates, content, and a private community.

Stay Well!