Finance Knuggets

Jun 24, 2024

I’ve been keeping up with the latest financial news and it seems that there are some interesting developments. Singapore Savings Bonds are offering a yield of 3.26% for the first 6 years, outperforming the best fixed deposit rates. DBS Bank is also catching the attention of investors with a 6.1% dividend yield. T-Bill yields have stabilized at 3.74% and there has been a surge in demand for T-Bills. The depreciation of the Yen is also being closely watched for its potential impact on the gold price.

Shifting focus, I came across an article discussing the best consumer staples stocks to buy during economic downturns. This provides insight into the stability and consistency these stocks can offer during challenging economic times. The article also covers topics such as Medicare, tax-smart strategies for account withdrawals, and the resurgence of zombie mortgages, which could be relevant to many individuals.

Lastly, I read about the importance of understanding margins and revenue streams in the SaaS industry. There are also courses and events being promoted related to sales compensation design, the sales/finance relationship, and early bird rates for SaaS Metrics courses. It seems like there is a lot of valuable information being shared, especially for those involved in SaaS businesses and finance.

Stay Well!