Finance Knuggets

Jun 17, 2024

I recently heard about the upcoming 6-month T-Bills auction on 20 June, with speculation about whether interest rates will rise above 3.8% or drop again. There is anticipation surrounding this auction, especially after the previous decline in T-Bills yields from 3.8% to 3.65%. Additionally, economists have maintained Singapore’s 2024 growth forecast at 2.4%, with a shift in the main drivers of growth from manufacturing and exports to finance and insurance. There is also discussion about Singapore Airlines paying a 7.1% dividend yield and its potential as an investment for Singaporean investors. The real estate market in Singapore is also being talked about, particularly property prices and the rental market.

In other news, there is a discussion about the average 401(k) balance by age and the impact of rising prices on various goods and services driving inflation. The focus is on recession-proofing stock portfolios and the importance of understanding how 401(k) balances compare to peers. Additionally, there is mention of the difficulties in spending retirement money and the need for a retirement spending plan.

Lastly, I came across information about a SaaS metrics framework course being offered by a CFO, aimed at demystifying SaaS metrics and helping businesses make better financial decisions. The course, set to begin on July 9th, promises access to content, templates, communities, and lessons for lifetime. There are also bonuses being offered for early bird enrollment, such as access to a custom SaaS metrics dashboard app, SaaS metrics benchmarks, SaaS templates bundle, and more. The course aims to help businesses make data-driven financial decisions, prepare for fundraising and M&A events, and establish a clear scorecard for the executive team.

Stay Well!