Finance Knuggets

Jun 10, 2024

I heard that Dollar Tree is considering selling its Family Dollar segment, which caused the stock to fall after the announcement. This strategic review could potentially lead to the sale of the dollar store giant. Additionally, there’s a discussion about the deadly sins of wealth management, where wealth strategy expert Joe Maier advises that ignoring any of these sins could put retirement at risk. There’s also an article about the feasibility of helping children buy a home, exploring different ways to go about it, such as family loans or outright gifts.

In other news, there’s talk about the best defensive stocks for a portfolio and why they are a valuable addition. Additionally, there’s a discussion about how Americans are driving older cars than ever before, with the average age of cars on the road setting a new record. Lastly, there’s a piece on cost-saving tips for wedding guests to consider, providing considerations for keeping costs in check when attending a wedding.

These articles cover a range of financial topics, from strategic reviews of companies to personal finance advice, providing insights into different aspects of managing wealth and making financial decisions.

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