Finance Knuggets

Jun 05, 2024

I heard about some interesting financial news today. It looks like there are changes coming to Roth 401(k) plans in 2024, aimed at enhancing the benefits and flexibility for retirement planning. Additionally, there’s a discussion about the status of student loan forgiveness under the Biden administration, with new protections for borrowers and the discharge of billions in student loan debt. It seems that I-Bonds are also in the spotlight, with pros and cons being discussed for investing in them.

On the business front, it seems that there’s a potential merger on the horizon between Paramount Global and David Ellison’s Skydance Media, backed by KKR and RedBird Capital Partners. The decision is being closely watched, as it could have significant implications for the media industry. In other news, Illumina has approved plans to spin off Grail, a move that has been closely watched due to antitrust concerns and the impact on the company’s financial future.

Overall, it seems like there are a lot of interesting developments in the financial and business world, with potential changes on the horizon for retirement accounts, student loan forgiveness, and major corporate mergers and spin-offs.

Stay Well!