Finance Knuggets

Jun 01, 2024

I recently came across news discussing the importance of careful estate and tax planning to preserve wealth for future generations. The decision of whether to rent or buy a house was also highlighted, emphasizing that it’s not purely a financial decision. Additionally, it was mentioned that many Americans are unaware of the benefits of a 529 plan for higher education expenses. The news also recommended several financial books for effective financial planning.

Another piece of news covered the recent market dip, suggesting that stocks may rally in the coming days. It also mentioned big-name investors expressing support for Donald Trump as the next president and highlighted tax policy as a significant issue for both Trump and Biden supporters.

There was also a focus on tax policy, particularly the expiration of some of Trump’s tax cuts in 2025. The news also discussed a significant write-off by Vista Equity Partners of its investment in a tech learning platform, Pluralsight, and highlighted various venture capital deals and private equity transactions.

In addition, there was a report on the move to T+1 settlement, stock borrow, Elon Musk’s pay vote, Bill Hwang’s trial, and various financial matters. The report also included insights on affordable places to live, free or cheap colleges for retirees, best stocks to buy under $10, low-cost vacation alternatives, and VA homebuying benefits for veterans. It also compared Amazon and Walmart on grocery prices, providing valuable information for financial and lifestyle decisions. Overall, these news and reports offer valuable insights into financial markets, retirement perks, travel, and smart spending.

Stay Well!