Finance Knuggets

May 20, 2024

I heard that the 6-month T-Bills auction is scheduled for 23 May 2024, and there is speculation about whether interest rates will cross 4.0% or drop again. It’s being suggested that T-Bills may be a better buy than Fixed Deposit, Singapore Savings Bonds, and Money Market Funds. Additionally, there was news about Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust being removed from the MSCI Singapore Index, which led to a drop in its share price. And in a separate article, there were insights shared about achieving financial goals as an investor, drawing inspiration from the resilience and grit of professional athletes.

In another set of news, I learned about strategies to minimize tax burden and the story of how O.J. Simpson avoided liquidating his assets despite being sued in civil court and ordered to pay $33 million to the Brown and Goldman families. The article also covered the importance of understanding federal programs in place and how much coverage they provide for tackling health care costs in retirement. Additionally, there was information shared about using a dividend growth investment strategy to prepare for retirement, emphasizing the impact of reinvesting dividends on overall gains.

Furthermore, there was a discussion about rising prices and which goods and services are driving inflation, as well as tips for getting a car ready for a summer road trip. Finally, there was an offer for creating private memoirs in a beautifully handcrafted book as a priceless gift for one’s family, and information about Kiplinger being a trusted provider of unbiased financial advice and practical help to millions of business professionals, investors, and individuals seeking to make more profitable decisions with their money.

Stay Well!