Finance Knuggets

May 13, 2024

I recently came across an article discussing the metrics to analyze a SaaS company for sales. It mentioned the importance of SaaS metrics and the upcoming events and webinars related to financial automation and SaaS metrics. The newsletter also discussed the importance of using CRM data for finance teams and provided details about various SaaS events and SaaS metrics.

In another newsletter, I read about the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore, and the recent trends in dividend stocks and REITs. The newsletter also mentioned the drop in 6-month T-Bills yields and provided insights into how a Singapore investor budgeted and saved for his wedding in 2024.

Additionally, there were financial tips for new moms, the importance of details for a successful retirement, and the opportunity to file for unclaimed tax refunds. The newsletter also featured articles on Mother’s Day brunch options and retirement planning tips. It also included sponsored content from Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, offering insights on building wealth, cutting taxes, and retiring rich.

Overall, these newsletters covered a wide range of financial topics, including investment strategies, savings options, and retirement planning tips.

Stay Well!