Finance Knuggets

May 06, 2024

I recently came across some interesting financial news. There has been a lot of talk about the recent 6-month T-Bills auction on 9 May, and the speculation surrounding whether interest rates will go above 4.0% or fall again. It seems that T-Bills yields have been fluctuating between 3.54% and 4.07%, which has implications for investors seeking safe, short-term investments.

In addition to this, there has been a focus on the performance of REIT, stock, and Bitcoin prices, with discussions on whether it’s the right time to buy or wait. The recent announcements from Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen have provided some insight into how the Feds and US Treasury are responding to the weakness in stock markets and sticky US inflation.

I also came across some interesting discussions on the common financial freedom mistakes made by investors, with a focus on the importance of having a clear end goal and avoiding self-sabotage in the financial freedom journey. There is also analysis on CapitaLand Investment, which pays a 6.7% dividend yield and the considerations for purchasing this stock at 0.99x book value.

Lastly, there has been a report on the 10 lowest paying college degrees, how much a single person needs to earn to live comfortably, and the importance of early tax planning for businesses. These topics provide insights into financial planning, investment decisions, and career choices for individuals.

Stay Well!