Finance Knuggets

May 05, 2024

I recently came across some interesting news regarding the slowdown in average hourly pay growth in April, which suggests that this trend may be more than just a temporary blip. This potential shift in wage growth could have significant implications for the economy, as changes in wages often reflect changes in overall income and spending. It’s worth noting that this slowdown comes after a period of nominal wage growth consistently outpacing inflation, making it an important development to keep an eye on.

In the venture capital world, continuation funds are gaining attention as firms look for new ways to navigate the market downturn and lack of liquidity. While continuation funds have historically been more common in private equity, a small number of venture firms are now exploring these funds as well. While they can provide liquidity for limited partners, they also come with potential downsides such as fees and carry that may not be favorable to all limited partners.

These developments in wage growth and venture capital underscore the evolving nature of the financial landscape and the need for careful consideration of potential implications for the broader economy and investment strategies. It will be important to monitor these trends and consider their potential impact on financial markets and investment opportunities.

Stay Well!