Finance Knuggets

May 03, 2024

I recently heard that U.S. spending and incomes continue to grow faster than before the pandemic, with a stable 5.5-6% yearly nominal growth trend since mid-2022. Fed officials are expressing satisfaction with this outcome, indicating that the next policy rate move is likely to be a cut rather than a hike. The labor market data also show that while the number of unfilled openings has decreased, wage growth remains persistently faster than before the pandemic. In other news, the best marijuana stocks have been facing challenges for years, but with U.S. cannabis sales on the rise, these picks could finally have their day in the sun.

There have also been a series of mergers and acquisitions in the medical and engineering sectors, with companies making significant acquisitions. Additionally, fundraising news includes several firms raising substantial amounts for their respective funds. In personnel news, there have been notable moves in the financial industry, with individuals joining or leaving prominent firms. Finally, there are reports on various financial topics such as the profitability of forests compared to beef, banks’ interest in being less risky, companies cutting debt due to high interest rates, and Japan’s likely spending of about $23 billion in its latest yen intervention.

Overall, the financial news this week has highlighted significant developments across various industries, providing valuable insights for professionals in the financial sector.

Stay Well!