Finance Knuggets

Apr 29, 2024

I recently learned that DBS Bank’s shares saw a significant increase following the ex bonus shares on April 22, reaching an all-time high at $34.79. This has sparked discussions among Singapore investors about whether to buy or sell, considering the 6.2% dividend yield.

There’s also been an article circulating about how to achieve a 5% dividend income as a passive investor, specifically targeting Singapore investors. The article emphasizes the importance of diversifying dividend income sources.

In addition, the 6-month T-Bills yields have stabilized at 3.74%, with demand dropping from record highs at the recent auction. This has sparked discussions about the implications for investors and the overall market.

Furthermore, an article has been published discussing whether investors should set big or small goals in their journey to financial freedom, providing insights into maximizing goal-setting for Singapore investors.

Lastly, Kiplinger has constructed three portfolios using funds from the Kiplinger 25, a list of favorite no-load mutual funds, designed for investors with different goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance levels. This provides a starting point for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

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