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Feb 21, 2024

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and finding balance in your work and personal life. Today, I want to share with you some valuable insights from Leo Babauta, the founder of Zen Habits, about deepening into life and finding peace in the midst of our busy schedules.

In his recent email, Leo talks about the importance of slowing down and facing our resistances in life. He discusses how we often rush past the things we resist, using distractions like social media, TV, and busywork to avoid facing our challenges. Leo encourages us to imagine what our lives would be like if we could slow down, face our resistances, and even fall in love with the parts of life we’re resisting. This is a powerful concept that can truly transform how we approach our daily lives.

Leo also invites us to join him at the Zen Habits 2024 Retreat in London. This retreat will focus on deepening our practice of slowing down and learning to be present in the moment. It’s a great opportunity to explore the unknown, connect with like-minded individuals, and transform how we show up for work, relationships, and life.

As a lifestyle coach, I believe that finding balance and peace in our lives is essential for our overall well-being. It’s important to take the time to slow down, reflect, and connect with ourselves and others. The Zen Habits retreat in London offers a unique opportunity to do just that.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to a valuable tool that can help you manage your busy schedule more effectively. Summymonkey is an online tool that provides quick summarization of audio recordings, daily emails in different languages, and extraction of insights from multiple emails. This tool can be incredibly helpful for summarizing important information, saving you time and helping you stay organized.

Summymonkey can be used to summarize the key takeaways from Leo Babauta’s emails, allowing you to quickly grasp the main points without having to read through the entire message. This can be a great time-saver for busy professionals who want to stay informed but have limited time to dedicate to reading lengthy emails.

In conclusion, I encourage you to take some time for yourself and consider joining Leo Babauta at the Zen Habits 2024 Retreat in London. It’s a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice of slowing down and find peace in the midst of your busy schedule. And don’t forget to check out Summymonkey to help you stay organized and save time in your daily life.

Wishing you all a balanced and peaceful week ahead.


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Title: Deepen Into Life: The Zen Habits 2024 Retreat in London

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