CyberSecurity Knuggets

Mar 23, 2024

Today’s news brings us some concerning developments in the cybersecurity world. The US government has imposed sanctions on two Russian individuals and their companies for running disinformation campaigns across Latin America. This highlights the ongoing issue of foreign influence in our region, and the need for increased vigilance against such activities. Additionally, there have been reports of several security incidents, including Pokemon account hacks, a data leak from Japanese IT giant Fujitsu, and a SIM swap incident affecting the Trezor cryptocurrency wallet.

In terms of general tech and privacy, there have been significant changes, such as the DOJ suing Apple over monopoly concerns and the Ethereum Foundation deleting its warrant canary. Moreover, Glassdoor has been accused of doxing users, raising privacy concerns. On the government and policy front, the US is taking steps to address cybersecurity threats in the water sector, while the FBI has resumed collaboration with social media companies to counter foreign propaganda campaigns.

In the realm of cybercrime and threat intelligence, we’ve seen a range of activities, from the arrest of hackers in Ukraine to the takedown of the Nemesis dark web marketplace and the first conviction under the UK’s new cyberflashing law. Additionally, there have been reports of new malware strains, vulnerabilities, and bug bounty programs that require immediate attention to prevent potential security breaches. These developments underscore the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard against cyber threats.

Stay Well!