CyberSecurity Knuggets

Mar 02, 2024

Today’s news is filled with cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities that are causing concern in the tech world. One of the major issues is the recent hacking of Seneca, a cryptocurrency trading platform, where $6.5 million worth of crypto-assets were stolen due to a vulnerability in its smart contracts. While the company managed to recover 80% of the stolen funds, the speed at which the recovery happened and the reward given to the hacker raises serious questions about the security measures in place.

Another concerning breach is at pharmaceutical giant Cencora, which disclosed a security breach, and the mysterious hacker targeting Anycubic 3D printers to alert owners about a vulnerability in the printer’s MQTT service. These incidents highlight the growing threat of cyber attacks on various industries.

Furthermore, the news also covers privacy concerns with WordPress and Tumblr selling user data to AI companies without users’ consent, and the lack of disclosure from DocuSign about using users’ data for AI training. The migration of Windows 10 users to Windows 11, the leap year bug causing outages in New Zealand petrol stations, and the EU Parliament banning Amazon representatives add to the ongoing cybersecurity issues.

Additionally, the active exploitation of known security flaws in Ivanti Gateway vulnerabilities, the GitHub secret scanning push protection, and the new Silver SAML attack are important issues that need immediate attention. These vulnerabilities and attacks show the constant need for strong security measures to protect sensitive data and infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks.

Stay Well!