CyberSecurity Knuggets

Feb 15, 2024

I just heard about a major cybersecurity issue involving the Rhysida ransomware. South Korean researchers have managed to crack the encryption scheme used by the ransomware and have released a decrypter to help victims recover their files. However, they made the decrypter public, which goes against the current practice in the cybersecurity community. Releasing decryption tools that exploit vulnerabilities in ransomware can prompt the ransomware gangs to fix their code, making it harder for future victims to recover their files. This is concerning and requires immediate attention.

There have also been several other cybersecurity incidents, such as a ransomware attack that disrupted healthcare services at 100 Romanian hospitals, a cyberattack on PR analytics and media monitoring company Onclusive, and the exploitation of a Roundcube vulnerability to gain access to email servers. Additionally, the discovery of a disinformation network operated by Russia, the sentencing of two individuals involved in hacking the taxi dispatch system at JFK airport, and the seizure of a Mastodon server used by an LGBTQ community by the Taliban government in Afghanistan are all concerning and require immediate attention and action from cybersecurity professionals and authorities.

Furthermore, the resurfacing of the Bumblebee malware with a new phishing campaign targeting U.S. businesses, a vulnerability affecting DNSSEC, a data breach at the U.S. Department of Defense, and the release of security updates for 73 flaws by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday are all issues that require immediate attention. Additionally, the filing of 118 class action lawsuits by New Jersey law enforcement officers against data brokers for not removing personal information, the announcement of a $10 million scholarship program by OPSWAT to address the cybersecurity skills gap, and the warning from the SEC chair about the misleading hype surrounding artificial intelligence are all important developments that individuals and organizations should be aware of to protect themselves from potential cyber attacks.

Stay Well!