CyberSecurity Knugget

I just heard about some major cybersecurity issues that need immediate attention. It seems that a new collection of process injection techniques called PoolParty has been discovered, posing a threat to Windows systems. These techniques could be exploited to achieve code execution and outsmart top EDR solutions. Additionally, a new Spectre-based vulnerability called SLAM Attack has been disclosed, impacting Intel, AMD, and Arm CPUs, potentially leading to sensitive data leaks. These vulnerabilities need to be addressed urgently to prevent potential data breaches and security compromises.

On the legal front, the European Union has reached a landmark deal on the Artificial Intelligence Act, aiming to regulate AI technology and ensure oversight, particularly for high-risk applications. Additionally, Amazon has sued an international theft ring called REKK for swiping millions of dollars in merchandise through refund scams, involving hacking into Amazon’s internal systems and bribing employees. This highlights the ongoing threat of cybercriminals targeting large corporations and the need for robust security measures.

Other concerning developments include the use of QR codes by scammers to steal personal information and install malware, as well as a politically motivated cyber-attack on a private water scheme in Ireland, causing a disruption in water supply. Additionally, the widespread use of a vulnerable version of the Apache Log4j library poses a significant risk, as it may be exploited by threat actors to compromise targets. These issues require immediate attention to prevent further security breaches and protect sensitive data.

Stay Well!