Finance Knuggets

Apr 02, 2024

I’m hearing a lot about the geopolitical tensions between China and India in the South China Sea, and the impact it’s having on the region. There’s also a focus on the infrastructure gap in Southeast Asia, as well as evolving security trends. Additionally, there’s news about industry developments, such as a new robotics pact and the China-Southeast Asia railway connection. The report also covers India’s efforts to strengthen its relationships with Southeast Asian states as part of its Act East Policy.

In terms of financial news, there’s advice on tax-free ways to give money to kids, retirement planning, and the most expensive states for homeowners. MarketWatch is emphasizing the bullish case for a certain asset class and the absence of big investors in the market. There’s also an $8.3 billion deal for a 60% stake in China’s largest shopping mall operator, as well as updates on various venture capital and private equity deals.

There have been several major mergers and acquisitions in the financial world recently, including the acquisition of a satellite-based broadband provider and Liberty Media’s purchase of MotoGP rights-holder Dorna Sports. In terms of fundraising, GoldenTree has secured $1.3 billion for its third CLO fund, Long Journey Ventures is raising up to $175 million for its fourth fund, and Scribble Ventures is raising up to $75 million for its third fund. There have also been personnel changes, with Kelly DePonte retiring from placement agency Probitas Partners after 22 years and Shuji Hatsukaiwa joining Golub Capital as a Tokyo-based managing director.

The news also revolves around insider trading and the legal implications associated with it. The SEC is working to expand the boundaries of insider trading, with recent cases involving “shadow trading” and allegations of misappropriated information. There’s also news about a lawsuit in Canada involving a former analyst at an investment management firm and the disclosure of private text messages. Other headlines include Bridgewater CEO’s turnaround, giant merger deals making a comeback, the Russian shadow trade for weapons parts fueled by crypto, and the delay in filing annual results by Tupperware due to an accountant shortage.

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