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Jan 25, 2024

Subject: Finding Joy in Work-Life Balance

Dear Friends,

In a world where emails, tasks, and endless responsibilities can pile up, finding joy in getting organized can be a game-changer. Leo from Zen Habits shares his experience of allowing himself the joys of getting organized. He talks about feeling lighter, more settled, and able to focus more when he wants to. This newsletter is a reminder that finding joy in organization can have a positive impact on our work-life balance.

Leo also provides some valuable tips on how to embark on the journey of getting organized. He emphasizes the importance of not making it a judgment, but rather asking yourself what would be really nice and what you would like. He encourages creating buckets, finding tools to capture and organize, and sorting through things with a sense of reckless play. It’s about diving into the process with abandon and delight, making it a joyful experience rather than a torturous one.

The tools Leo uses for organization, such as notes apps, task management apps, and email programs, can be incredibly helpful in streamlining the process. Additionally, he provides insights on how to overcome the overwhelm that often comes with the daunting task of getting organized. Working in short bursts, not aiming to finish, and taking pleasure in the clearing out are all key strategies to combat overwhelm.

Inboxes and buckets play a crucial role in the organization process. The idea is to set up your buckets and then quickly sort items from your inboxes into your buckets. The process involves mapping memberships, ranking subscriptions by joy per dollar, and having a clear plan for meal prep. It’s about finding value in what truly brings joy and cutting out unnecessary expenses.

Summymonkey can be a valuable tool in this process, especially when it comes to sorting through emails and extracting insights. It can help summarize daily emails, extract insights by chatting with emails, and compile information from many emails to save time. By using this tool, you can streamline the process of organizing and make the task less overwhelming.

Remember, the goal is not to remain organized all the time, but to find joy in the process of getting organized. It’s about embracing the natural phenomenon of things falling apart and bringing a sense of play, love, and joy to the process. Let’s embark on this journey of finding joy in work-life balance and organization together.

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Title: The Joys of Getting Organized

Sender: leo@zenhabits.net

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