CyberSecurity Knuggets

Jan 17, 2024

I just heard some concerning cybersecurity news. There’s a security flaw in the Opera web browser that could allow hackers to run any file on your system. Additionally, there are high-severity flaws in Bosch thermostats and smart nutrunners, and thousands of WordPress sites have been compromised with a malware called Balada Injector. The British Library is still recovering from a ransomware attack, and there’s been a surge in DDoS attack traffic targeting Environmental Services websites. Organizations are urged to apply mitigation measures for zero-day vulnerabilities in Ivanti Connect Secure VPNs and upgrade to the latest available firmware for over 178,000 SonicWall Firewalls. There’s also a warning about a zero-day being exploited in the Chrome browser and a critical vulnerability in VMware that need immediate attention.

In addition, a hacker behind a $2 million cryptocurrency mining scheme has been arrested, and a critical remote code execution flaw in Juniper Networks’ firewalls and switches has been patched. It’s crucial for individuals and businesses to stay informed about these cybersecurity issues and take necessary steps to protect their systems and data.

Stay Well!