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Jun 04, 2024

Habits and Health

In issue 87 of Happiful Magazine, explore habit reversal techniques and engage with a range of invigorating and thoughtful features. You’ll also have access to tools for reversing your habits to improve your health.

Discover these topics and more:

🌈 The vibrant history of different colors

🌧️ The subtle signs of depression

🖥️ The pros and cons of AI in therapy

⚽ Joining a football team as an adult for life challenges

🌅 Mastering the art of solitude

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Covid Updates and Studies

Today, Anthony Fauci is scheduled to testify about Covid at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference. A new study has found that BMI remains a useful screening tool for youth when it comes to detecting high levels of body fat. At the Endocrine Society annual meeting, researchers unveiled early stage studies related to GLP-1 drugs and a male contraceptive gel. Other findings suggest that menopause symptoms may be linked to health and metabolic issues. Furthermore, the crucial discussion around MDMA therapy for PTSD is set to take place soon.

Psychedelic Hazes

Discover the latest in psychedelic therapy, including a new study evaluating the use of ecstasy in treating PTSD. Additionally, read about Vermont’s ban of PFAS in menstrual products, and get insights into Moderna’s new RSV vaccine.

Healthy Habits and Foods

Explore why it’s important to incorporate more fiber and fermented foods into your meals, and learn about the potential benefits for your digestion and overall health.

Alzheimer’s Research

Find out how targeting a specific protein in the brain could help clear toxic amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease progression.

STAT+ Subscription

Get 25% off an annual STAT+ subscription to access top stories and exclusive coverage of biotech, pharma, policy, and life sciences.

Scientific Updates

Discover fascinating scientific updates, including the discovery of a new fern with the biggest genome, biomedical paper retractions, the emergence of cicadas, and Mexico’s new president.

Harvard Health Letter

Receive a special offer for a subscription to the Harvard Health Letter, and gain access to research-proven steps to improve your health.

Stay Well!