Finance Knuggets

Apr 03, 2024

I recently received updates on the Terms of Use for Dow Jones products and services, with a focus on making the terms easier to understand and clarifying subscription practices. Another email highlighted common investing mistakes, Medicare enrollment while still working, and retirement options. Additionally, there was news about Ray Dalio’s perspective on an embattled asset class and a bipartisan approach to antitrust enforcement in various sectors. I also learned about Trump Media & Technology Group’s financials causing a significant drop in former President Trump’s net worth, as well as promotions and changes in the finance industry.

Today, I learned about recent guidance from US banking regulators, a financial novelty item called the Shareholder Vote Exchange, and stablecoins and their creation. Additionally, there was discussion about a memecoin called “Costco Hot Dog” and its association with the cost of a Costco hot dog. Other financial news included Disney investors looking beyond board battles, McKinsey offering staff pay to leave the firm, and board resignations at Warner Bros. Discovery. Lastly, there was mention of the new magic number for retirement being $1.46 million and the influence of TikTok on home sales.

Stay Well!