Finance Knuggets

Jun 30, 2024

I recently came across some discussions about key money habits that financial experts believe more people should adopt, in order to build true wealth throughout life. Additionally, there’s been a report on new numbers revealing what net worth Americans think makes someone “rich,” and how this figure varies from person to person. There’s also a focus on the best monthly dividend stocks to buy right now, which could significantly benefit income investors.

In addition, there’s been mention of some 401(k) early withdrawal tax rules that have changed for 2024, highlighting the potential impact of these changes. Moreover, a venture firm called General Catalyst has been providing non-dilutive financing to over 40 companies over the past five and a half years, aiming to support their growth by providing cash for up to 80% of their monthly sales and marketing budget. This alternative financing approach is seen as a way forward for technology companies reliant on customer acquisition costs to scale their growth.

Finally, there’s been discussion on consumer spending and its relation to incomes, with indications of consumers cutting back on spending while wages continue to rise, leading to improved household balance sheets. This combination has the potential to help trend inflation slow without impacting the job market. These are some of the key financial updates that have been making headlines recently.

Stay Well!